Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January: a time for new goals and renewed energy

January sunset in California

My school district is still on its holiday vacation break and we don’t return until next Monday. The time off has been great, and I have gotten much needed rest and relaxation!

I started this blog well over a year ago, but only wrote a few entries. A few life events got in the way and I never kept up with posting. My goal for 2017 is to get back to my blog and get it rolling. I want to try and reach out to other teachers and share a variety of teaching ideas and strategies that I have used over the span of 27 years as a classroom teacher and trainer. I actually keep a daily journal of personal goals and reflections so I plan to use this blog as a way to continue journaling about my teaching life and maybe engage a few others with whom to have a conversation with while I’m at it. 
So here it goes……. 

Today I actually opened up my plan book to take a look at my upcoming week and was surprised to see so many blank spaces staring back at me! Yikes! ;)  We were in school right up to the 22nd of December and boy was it a crazy-busy time! 
Normally I plan a week in advance and have everything copied on Thursdays by a very reliable parent volunteer. On Fridays I sort all the copies into my Monday thru Friday trays and put extra unit materials in cubbies (behind my sliding whiteboards) which are separated by subject. I like to have everything ready for the week ahead by the time I leave on Friday afternoon. 

I found out I'm getting a new student on Monday, so today I made a list of all the materials, folders, supplies, etc... that she would need. I even went to the local school supply store and bought new name tags as I couldn't find any extras of the ones I was currently using (hate when that happens). Well, now ALL the kiddos get a new name tag. πŸ˜‰ 

Since one of my passions is teaching kids to write, I plan on starting a series here related to grammar and editing in the writing process. A favorite book of mine is Jeff Anderson's Everyday Editing

I will be going through each chapter of this book on my blog during the month of January, and I will share how I've adapted his grammar lessons in my 4th grade classroom to use as mini-lessons during our writing workshop time. 
Stay tuned….. I will start this “novel study” on Monday, January 9th