Saturday, January 21, 2017

Preposition House Project

Last week I shared my lesson idea for teaching prepositions and prepositional phrases. The follow up lesson is what I call the "Preposition House Project." 

Each child folds a piece of 8 1/2  x 11" paper to make an origami house (picture directions below). I ask them to decorate the inside as their bedroom or another favorite room of their house. Then, they write a paragraph describing where everything is in their room using prepositions and prepositional phrases. I have them underline the prepositional phrases in their final paragraph which is typed. 
Here are pictures of how to fold the paper:

We usually share the final paragraphs in small writing groups of four to five students. (It helps to make copies of their writing beforehand so each person in the group has a copy to look at the while the "author" reads it aloud.) I have made a list of sentence stems to help them with making good comments about their classmates' writing pieces. I have it as a free download in my TPT store.

Peer Sharing Sentence Starters

Hopefully this is a useful and successful lesson for your class too!